About us

Our vision is simple: A welcoming space for families and friends to enjoy quality sports facilities and quality time together.

What started as a simple idea has since blossomed into a thriving community hub that we're proud to call home.

Our Story

The inception of the Range Warkworth traces back to an idea jotted down on the back of a cigar packet, which came to life in December 2005. Initially, our vision was centered around a golf driving range. However, the inability to find a suitable practice area for our cricket-enthusiast son led us to incorporate a cricket practice facility into the plan.

By the end of our first year, we had introduced baseball and softball pitching machines. Our expansions didn't stop there; we constructed a 9-hole putting course and finally, incorporated an air rifle range. 

Recognising the diverse interests of our growing clientele, we committed ourselves to continuously adapt and innovate. This led us to introduce a variety of new activities and facilities over the years. As a testament to our commitment, we incorporated a batting cage for baseball and softball enthusiasts. We also saw a need to cater to a younger audience and introduced a mini-golf course.

Today, the Range Warkworth stands as a multipurpose sports facility, a testament to our journey from a simple idea to a thriving sports hub.

A Bright Future Ahead

Moving forward, we are constantly seeking out new ways to enhance The Range experience for our customers. Whether it's introducing new technology, refining our existing ones, or organising exciting events, we will remain committed to providing a diverse range of activities in a warm and friendly environment.

Our journey has only just begun, and we are excited to see what the future holds for The Range Warkworth.

Meet the team

Our team is small, but dedicated to making your experience fun and engaging. We can't wait to meet you!





Come visit us!

1794 Pohuehue Road, RD3, Warkworth 0983.

Open 7 Days. Bookings recommended, but not required!